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Proofpoint | ObserveIT On-Premises Release Notes version 7.12.2

Version 7.12.2

This document provides information about features, issues that were discovered and fixed since the previous release, and any limitations of the release. It is important that you read this document before you install and configure this version.

For information about how to install and upgrade, see:

New Features and Enhancements

Support for macOS Monterey 12.0

From version 7.12.2, macOS Monterey 12.0 is supported.

Linux Prevent Rule Uses Computer Name

List are now supported in Linux Prevent rules so that you can apply one or more prevent rules to the same list of endpoints. This allows you to maintain and manage the endpoints on which you want to apply the prevent rules. You create lists from the Create List page. (See Creating Lists.) Previously endpoints were added individually.

See: Defining the "On Which Computer?" Conditions

Website Categorization

Website Categorization has been updated to reflect the following changes:

New Categories Added

  • VPN

  • Web Conferencing

  • Fandom

  • Child Safety and Government Help Lines

  • Self Help

  • TikTok

See: Website Categorization

Node.js and .NET Core Support

From version 7.12.2, Node.js version 14.18.1 and .NET Core version 3.1.20 are supported.

Resolved Issues

  • [Issue 535]: Stability issues of Microsoft SQL Enterprise and Microsoft SQL 2016 and up, have been resolved.
  • [Issue 536]: A problem in the nightly update of the Website Categorization database was fixed.
  • [Issue 488]: High latency during login to Web console in anonymization mode has been resolved.
  • [Issue 527]: Upgrade from version 7.9 to version 7.12 for customers monitoring Linux endpoints has been resolved.
  • [Issue 454]: When installing Agents on an endpoint with the same hostname from a different operating system on which the Agent was previously installed, the new operating system is now updated.
  • [Issue 516]: The setup of large file copy (as part of data leak protection) on endpoints installed with Master Image has been resolved.
  • [Issue 520]: The performance of generating reports on Keylogger was improved.
  • [Issue 524]: Session playback of a long session (more than 1200 slides) is now faster.

Limitations and Known Issues

File attachments sent with emails using Apple Mail, are not captured and displayed in the Email Diary screen in the Web Console. However, the activity of attaching a file to a mail is captured and displayed correctly. (This limitation can be an inherent issue to macOS Monterey and has been reported to Apple. )

version 7.12.3