What's New

Release Notes for the current ObserveIT release can be found here.

New Features and Enhancements

MIP Integration

MIP integration integrates the Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) Unified Labeling solution into the ObserveIT platform providing more context about user activities. If a file has a MIP label, the Agent captures and extract the label and its attributes upon file exfiltration of tracked and non-tracked files and file entry of tracked files. MIP labels are visible in the User, Endpoint, Email and File diaries and you can create alerts by MIP labels. In addition, you can use the MIP labels when searching the ObserveIT database and include them when creating reports.

Activity Replay Offline Mode

Activity Replay protects employee’s privacy and reduces storage requirements. When Activity  Replay is turned on in the Recording Policy, only metadata is captured, and only when specific Alerts are triggered. The video recording before and after the time of alert is captured and sent from the endpoint to the server. This feature was introduced in version 7.8.0.

From version 7.11.0, Activity Replay is supported also in offline mode providing a broader solution for users working offline and is useful when working from home. In offline mode, to prevent data from filling up your disk drive, new screenshots overwrite the old screenshots when the maximum limit for screenshot storage is reached. By default, Activity Replay storage has been increased to 300MB in addition to the offline data limit of 500MB.

Endpoint IP Visibility

Since users may work with their endpoint from different locations (usually laptops), a different IP may be assigned to the same endpoint based on the location. For example, the same endpoint may have one IP when working from within the office, and a different IP when working from home.

From version 7.11.0, the IP of the endpoint in each session is stored and displayed separately per session. The endpoint IP is displayed, in addition to the endpoint name in all the diaries screens, and in Alert, Search and Report screens.

In the diaries screens, when Show IP is selected, the Endpoint filter at the top allows you to view multiple entries for the same endpoint when more than 1 IP was assigned. In the Reports screen, a new field Endpoint IP in Session was added to Session report parameters.

Multiple Hotspots

To enhance screenshot storage efficiency and boost storage performance in large scale deployments, you can now have up to 4 hot storage locations for screenshot storage. From version 7.11.0, the Screenshot Storage screen (ConfigurationStorage ManagementStorage) has been enhanced to allow you to configure multiple hot storage space for screenshots.

Security Enhancement

For increased security, .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher must be installed. Earlier versions are no longer supported.

Support for macOS Big Sur 11

macOS Big Sur 11 is now supported. An updated MDM configuration profile file grants the required permissions.


version 7.11.0